Thursday, January 10, 2013

For Learning's Sake!

So, true confessions today. I have started to hate running. It usually happens about this time of year when ice and snow prevent an old person like me from braving slips and falls outside. I can only endure the treadmill for so long. This year, I made a deal with myself. If I get up early to exercise, I can walk. And while I walk on the treadmill, I've found these amazing treasures on Radiolab's great podcasts. It's like opening a great book every time. This week, I learned about how raising whooping cranes to prevent them from becoming extinct can also create problems.
  I learned about a man named Bliss who tried to change the world with an invented language. My favorite treasure this week was about Mel Blanc and how Bugs Bunny actually brought him out of a coma.

I LOVE learning! I love learning about fascinating things that may not help me with any particular skill, but definitely help me to think about life, how I fit into this world, and how I might make an impact.

How often do we let our students (and teachers) express their love of learning? What are they interested in? How does what they learn about make them think about their life, how they fit into this world, and how they might make an impact?

Try to learn about something new today. Reflect on how it changes you as a person. Love learning for learning's sake.

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